WHY CLEAN YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES? Mainly because they pick up body oils (sebum), dead skin (yuck!) and airborne dust and dirt (I KNOW). With each use, your makeup brushes become coated with more than just makeup residue. There’s no point in having expensive brushes if you have to replace them so often because of excessive dirt accumulated in it.

The most dangerous consequence of dirty brushes – they become a playground for bacteria that can cause skin problems, possible infection, or even worse… DEATH (Just kidding, I wanted to be dramatic. GOT YA!).

Someone mentioned this incredible tip for different users, I cannot remember for the life of me where I read it but here is something similar to what it said:

If you use your makeup for personal use: spot cleaning daily and full cleaning once a week should keep them in top condition and skin safe.

If you are a beauty professional: It is important to clean your brushes between applications.

  • Never reuse a dirty brush on two people; it’s an open invitation to passing infection (NOT GOOD!)
  • Never blow excess product off of your brushes (Saliva also transmits BACTERIAS that you’ll be putting in someone’s face!)

This is quick and simple, my goal is to show you how I clean my makeup brushes every weekend. I start by laying down a towel and placing all my makeup brushes by size. I use the Ecotools Shampoo and the silicone pad to brush all the makeup away, then with my electric dryer I rinse them off and dry them.

Enjoy this quick video I made cleaning my brushes:


The products I use to clean up my makeup brushes are listed below:

Ecotools Makeup Brush Shampoo: This amazing shampoo has an incredible smell and doesn’t leave your makeup with that dry feeling.

Silicone Makeup Cleaner Pad: This tool is so simply and useful. I’m able to clean all my brushes in minutes.

Electric Makeup Dryer: No need to say more, this cool tool allows you to rinse off and dry off your makeup brushes in SECONDS.

Disclaimer: This product section contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase via these links, I will earn a commission at not extra cost to you. This helps me continue producing great free content for all to enjoy.

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