Tidy Up: Let Me Show You (Part II)

Top Ideas to Organize Your Home

I knew you were of one those.. this is why you are back, right? It’s okay, I’m glad you enjoyed the last post. I hope I didn’t bored you and if I didn’t before, then I hope I don’t bored you now. I want to continue tidying up your space with you. I’m sure you did at least one area since my last post (at least I hope so!). Without further rambling, let’s get to work. Shall we?

#4 Laundry room/Closet

The laundry room/closet is an odd space to tidy up. Mainly because, at least in my case, I have so many extra blankets and towels that I didn’t know how to organize it since they are so bulky. So, I went to At Home Store (If there’s one where you live, you should check them out); if not you can shop similar ones here. I set up the comforters I barely use in the top shelf and the sheets and blankets in the bottom two. If you need some help with folding blankets and sheets, you can check out this blog (How To Fold A Blanket).

Picture Credit: Good Blanket Guide

I used this baskets to put away towels; they are so cute, right? You can use the same technique as the blankets to put them away or follow along with Marie Kondo’s video:

This little tool is a LIFE SAVER, let me rephrase this, is a TIDY UP MASTER TOOL. This wall organizer is so practical when it comes to keeping your cleaning supplies all in one space. As you can see in the picture above, I use it from my mop and broom. I don’t have to worry about my laundry room looking all clutter anymore.

#5 I’m all about the Pantry

OH MY… this was the one area I kept putting off and I’ll explain why. I live in an apartment complex, which means the place is a rental so we don’t really have a pantry per say, we have a few cabinets to put our things in and to my dismay, the cabinets are all so weirdly built, too long and with wires in the back. So, you understand why I was avoiding this for so long. Anyways, I ended up organizing the pantry not long ago and this is the result. I use stackable pantry shelfs from Lowes to put away sauces and cans.

#6 Kitchen, Oh la la

My beautiful fruit holder; I truly love it but to be honest, I changed this fruit holder like three times. At first it was a clean bowl, then it was a gold bowl. For some reason, I kept running out of space. This is why I decided to buy this beautiful fruit holder from Target. I added a vase with flowers and a tray to give it a nicer look.

I call this my little coffee/tea corner. I bought these canisters from Target. It is not only practical but it also works as decor for the kitchen.

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