Quitting my job during a PANDEMIC

No, I have not quit my job yet but I’m about to. Wanna know why? Keep reading.

Fresh after graduating college with my Master’s Degree, I had an idea of how my life was going to be. I was going to get an amazing job, with a substantially good pay, an awesome apartment and maybe start some businesses on the side. Let’s not forget I was also planning to pass an EXAM to become certified. But it all shattered like a broken bottle in a drunken night.

Let me take you back to the start. I graduated college, as previously mentioned, then I got a job. At first I didn’t know if I should take it since it wasn’t something I saw myself doing, however, a couple weeks after the interview and getting the job offer letter.. COVID-19 news came out. For fear of not having a job at all, I decided to take it. A week into the job, I got COVID-19. It seriously was not a great experience, regardless of what you hear or see on the news, it is a virus that can put you in bed for weeks; I won’t go into details about this right now.

Recap time, so I graduated college, got the job, worked for a week and then got covid. Got all this? Great! it just gets better. I didn’t work for about 3 months, at first all businesses were closed, then they are allowing some employees to go back, then they didn’t have enough people to try and finally, I went back to work. For about 3 months I was just doing stupid work, they had me doing chores since they didn’t know how to teach me. FYI, the company is really old school so most of the people that work there have been there for ALL THEIR LIFES.

About 3 months ago I started assisting on a department that is not what I was hired to do but I was told it was only to “assist”. Little did I know that my BOSS had no plans to keep me out of it since I had become so good at doing what I was taught to do. Never in my life before this experience, the thought of being stuck because I learn something fast ever crossed my mind. In high school and college, you are constantly taught to learn. That’s the only thing they actually teach you that sticks with you, the ability to learn and to do it fast.

To summarize my experience, I was called dumb, talked down, among any unpleasant things. The work environment is stressful and unhealthy.

As a New Years resolution I promised to put myself first. To follow my dreams, to quit my job if I have to, to work out, care for my health. To put MYSELF FIRST. Even though many of you or many of my closest friends and family members will advice me not to leave because we are in the middle of a PANDEMIC, I’ll be only hurting myself more.

No matter the circumstances, is okay to walk out of something unhealthy. You don’t need a plan. You just need the desire to be in a better place, the universe will guide you after.

For you ready this.. I’d be lying if I said is not scary, it is. But I’m sure I will look back and be thankful I left because what’s coming will be 100 times better.

Stay tune.. I’ll reveal how me leaving my job went and WHAT’S NEXT FOR ME.



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